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From: Scott Westwood
Subject: College Caper Chapter 1WARNING:
This story contains sexual acts between college age men. If this is
not to your tastes, and/or is illegal in your area please do not read any
further.The story is copyrighted. Please do not distribute it to any newsgroups
and/or web-sites without permission from the author. You may, however, send
it to your friends in any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to
this file.Parts of this story were inspired by my own experiences with fraternities.
However, THIS story is mostly fiction. Any resemblance to any individual,
alive or dead, may be accidental.Constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated. Flames will be
cheerfully (and totally) ignored.
College Caper
(MM, bd, sm, anal, whipping, cbt, initiation)
Chapter 1NOTE: Chapter one is the setup for the entire scenario. Chapter two will
begin the full sexual encounters.Saturday/Sunday
It was another Saturday night at the Phi Sig house and as usual the brothers
were partying. I live across the street from their fraternity house and am a
regular guest at their parties. Though I graduated from college many years
ago (I’m now 40), I still hang in there with the fraternity crowd. In fact
I did so much “hanging in there” that they made me an honorary brother, due
partly to the fact that I am a generous person and contribute to their party
fund on a regular basis and frequently hire some of the brothers to work
part-time at one of my restaurants.What made this particular fraternity all the more appealing Preteen Nudity was it’s
reputation for accepting only the best. Virtually every member of the
university Preteen Nudity lacrosse team was in the fraternity, along with an assortment of
jocks from other sports and the “Who’s Who” of campus leaders.It was also well known that the fraternity had one of the most rigorous
pledge periods. In spite of crackdowns on college hazing, they continued
with their time honored method of testing new Preteen Nudity pledges.This was a more formal party than most. The six members of the pledge class
were wearing tuxedos and were acting as waiters and bartenders. So it was
easy to check them out. There was also a board next to the bar with each of
their pictures. This pledge class, though smaller than usual, was the best
looking bunch ever.What follows are brief descriptions of the pledges, including some
information I learned from the brothers that night Preteen Nudity
and later on:
19 years old, dark hair, glasses that made him look intellectual. Slender
body with a narrow waist and a little hair on his chest and a very thick
bush. He was also a real party animal who believed in living life to the
fullest. He wanted to try everything at least once.Jim
18 years old, Sandy brown hair, with dark hair on his chest. A well
proportioned build but not overly muscular. He liked to swim to keep fit
when not playing lacrosse. Jim was also the intellectual type. When he wore
his glasses he looked like a braniac geek.Brad
18 years old, light brown hair, 5′8″ with a heavy bush, but a minimal amount
of hair on the rest of his body. Without question one of the most handsome
guys on the planet. He took pride in his body and worked out constantly. He
looked like the famous Greek statue, “David”.Jared
18 years old. Blond haired blue eyed with a well proportioned body. He
looked like a 16 year old, with rosy cheeks that would remain with him for
many years to come. His smooth body did not display much in the muscle
department, but he was actually very athletic.Brian
23 years old. Short blond hair, green eyes with a slight, but well developed
body. Older than most freshman due to the fact that he served four years in
the Marine Corps prior to entering college.Steve
19 years old. Light brown hair and warm brown eyes. He was built to play
rough and tumble sports. His body was well defined and solid with a 32 inch
waist. His abs were the envy of every guy on every team he played on.
Besides lacrosse, he loved to play rugby, the British sport recently added
to the college sports program because he enjoyed the hard-hitting physical
contact.They were a great group of hot studs and ones that I began fantasizing about
throughout the party. I was sipping a beer and was in the midst of an
incredibly perverse fantasy when an extraordinary thing happened, Jake, the
fraternity pledge master came over to me and asked to speak with me in the
next room. That in itself was not extraordinary. It was what he told when
we arrived in the other room that was so unusual.”Scott, I was wondering if you could do the fraternity a big favor,” Jake
whispered in a mysterious way.”Sure Jake, how can I help?” I whispered back, almost laughing at our
conspiracy demeanor.”Well, it’s like this. You know we have a long weekend next week. Following
our tradition, all the brothers will be visiting another chapter across
state. It is a brothers only gathering so our pledges will remain here. In
previous years we usually had at least one brother who had to stay behind
for one reason or another. He had one chore to do, Preteen Nudity and that was to deliver
an envelope to the pledges that would contain their instructions for the
weekend.”"Hmmmm, so what do you need?” I asked softly.He leaned closer to me, looked me straight in the eye and continued. “This
is the first time all of us can make the trip, so we need someone to deliver
the envelope to the pledges after we are gone. They have been told to keep
the weekend clear and to wait for their instructions to be delivered to the
house Friday evening at 6:00 pm.”"That’s all you need me to do Jake?”He nodded and added, “And in return for doing us this favor, we can add some
instructions for the weekend to have the pledges do some yard work, or
whatever for you, just tell me what orders you want added to their list.”At this point I was lucky that I was wearing a tight pair of briefs,
otherwise my “rapid rise” manhood would have knocked Jake over. It was the
words “or whatever” that set my mind and sex juices in motion.Thinking fast, I inquired, “Well Jake, I would be glad to help. As far as
some work or `whatever’ for me, could we do this… just add a note that they
will be given a second envelope at 8:00 pm that would include other
instructions. That way I can think about what Preteen Nudity
I need done during the week.”Jake smiled and nodded. “You know what Scott, I just had a better idea, why
don’t you write the instructions yourself. You need to keep them busy all
weekend and include a good cleaning of the fraternity house. Have them do
whatever you want. I know you were in a good fraternity while in college
and should be able to handle it.” He smiled again and winked.I was almost speechless. Somehow I managed to stammer, in a business like
tone, “Uh, did you want to see the instructions before you leave?”Jake’s mind had apparently shifted to other matters, “No, I don’t need to
see them, I’m sure you’ll do a good job and I have a LOT to do this week so
it will take a major load off me, not to have to plan out their whole
weekend.”He extended his hand and inquired, “Deal?”I grabbed his hand and shook it firmly, “You can count on me Jake!”And with that he was gone. I stood there for several minutes as my mind
raced, `Six, hot, firm young college studs at my disposal for a LONG
weekend. What a great opportunity. Even more so because they were all
extremely motivated to get into the fraternity and would indeed do
“whatever” to get through their pledge period.’After a little while I wandered back into the main party room. As I
entered, I noticed Jake talking to Matt, the fraternity president, in the
back corner of the room. Matt was listening intently to what Jake was
whispering in his ear. When Jake finished talking, Matt looked up and saw
me. He gave me a BIG smile and a thumbs up sign while he mouthed the words
“Thank you!”I returned the thumbs up sign and nodded.It was time for another drink and to start checking out the gift that had
been dropped in my lap.The rest of the night was my discovery period. I managed to talk with all
six pledges and learned a great deal. Needless to say, I did not mention
anything about the following weekend.When I eventually got home, I ripped off my clothes, laid on the couch and
began stroking myself. I started thinking about the following weekend and
what I could do to those six pledges. I lost track of the number of times I
reached “the edge” as I imagined some truly hot scenes. Finally I couldn’t
take it any more. I got to the edge and let things rip. My body convulsed
over and over again, shooting load after load of steaming man juice all over
my chest, stomach and face. It was the most intense orgasm I have had since
my college days. I drifted off to sleep very quickly, dreaming about
“whatever.”The next morning I Preteen Nudity woke early, got my self cleaned and dressed and headed
out to make the rounds of my restaurants. They were all doing very well and
had exceptional managers, so I did not need to be too involved. You hire
the right people and you can kick back and enjoy the ride.It didn’t take very long to make my quick stops, due mostly to the fact that
I was anxious to get out to my country house.Several years earlier, I had purchased an old estate, far out in the
country. It included three hundred acres of beautiful woodlands, a few farm
fields, two ponds, and a spring fed creek that was always full of crisp,
clear water.The manor house was set deep in the woods. With a few modifications it
could pass for the “Addam’s Family” house. It also had some very unique
features. The most unusual Preteen Nudity features were in the stone walled basement.Somewhere in the distant past it had been the home and “office” for the
county sheriff. The basement had 6 small jail cells set into the back wall.
The front wall had what could only be described as an engineering miracle.
An open stone waterway, about three feet wide that entered the basement,
made a semicircle around a stone platform and exited at the other end of the
wall. The waterway was always full with that ice cold spring water from the
nearby creek.As I understood it, the sheriff’s desk used to set on the stone platform.
What a unique office.After I took over the house, I added a number of features to the basement.
It was now a wonderfully equipped dungeon, complete with a St Andrews cross,
rack, a large oaken torture table (located on the stone platform), whipping
post and more. The walls were adorned with a devilish assortment of whips,
paddles, shackles, ropes, chains and handcuffs. Several wooden chests lined
the floor along the side wall. They contained a complete collection of toys
and torture devices.Ahh yes, I was proud of this house, and especially it’s dungeon.As I drove out to the estate, I called the caretaker. I told him I was on
the way out to the house. I explained that I would be at the house the
following weekend and that he should take the weekend off. He gladly
accepted the long weekend off with pay and Preteen Nudity the roundtrip airline ticket to
anywhere he wanted to go.Next I called Andrew. He was a friend of mine for many years and would
sometimes help me in the dungeon and cooked for special parties. While the
fraternity studs were handsome, Andrew was not. In fact he was pretty much
the opposite. At 45 he was overweight and balding yet had a fairly muscular
chest and solid arms. Nature was not kind in the facial looks department.
His face was pockmarked with scars left from a runaway case of acne and he
had several rather ugly warts. Needless to say he did not have a very good
time during his teen and college years. He had a deep seeded resentment of
handsome young dudes. It was that resentment that made him ideal for my
needs. There was nothing he liked more than torturing handsome young hunks.
It was his way to payback all the studs who made fun of his appearance.Anyway, I told Andrew that I could use his help next weekend. I gave him a
rundown of the situation and he eagerly agreed to help. We discussed some
more details and I told him to wear the great Executioner’s outfit that I
had recently bought for him. I thanked him for helping. He laughed and
said he should be thanking me.So things were beginning to fall into place. I would make a quick inventory
of my dungeon supplies to ensure I had six of some of the dungeon items I
would be using. I would also order some supplies Preteen Nudity to be delivered early
Friday morning. Food and drinks for a party of eight and the obligatory keg
of beer… what serious fraternal ritual can be accomplished without a keg!I was now in high gear as piece after piece of a plan took shape. There
would be quite a bit of work to do during the week ahead, but I was looking
forward to it.Monday/Tuesday
The week began with the usual flurry of Preteen Nudity business activity. Though my
managers handled things well, I approved all menu changes, “special” job
applicants, and all applicants for waiter jobs at the crown jewel of my tiny
restaurant empire, `Tammerlane’s.’I quickly worked my way through the week’s menu changes and turned to the
employment folder. There were three applicants for waiter positions at
Tammerlane’s and one “special”. A `special’ applicant was anyone who applied
for a job without any waiter or food service experience.So what was the big deal about Tammerlane’s. That’s fairly simple. It was
the pick of the `trendy’ crowd. Decorated in a lavish fashion, reminiscent
of a Mongol Emperor’s court, it’s menu included gourmet dishes from around
the world, spectacular entertainment and a horde of the most skilled (and
handsome) waiters found anywhere. The place was packed every week.The attraction for waiters was simple as well. On a typical night, you
could easily earn $300 in tips. For almost any college student it was a
dream come true, and well worth going through my unique training program.The applicants in this week’s folder were exceptional. Two soccer players
and one wrestler, all with experience as waiters, good looks and a serious
need for money. All three had signed releases to undergo the special
training program for all Tammerlane’s waiters. They would serve as a great
appetizer for the weekend, so I scheduled interviews for Tuesday afternoon.I next turned to the “specials” folder. There was only one applicant,
Bobby, an 18 year old freshman from Utah. I looked at his photo as I read
the “essay” portion of his application that required him to explain why he
needed the job and what Preteen Nudity he could contribute.His face was very “boyish” and offset by a healthy head of reddish blond
hair, parted in the middle and swept back above his ears. The head and
shoulders shot was clear evidence of a nice body.Bobby’s story was a sad one. He had a small scholarship but had depended on
a mutual fund to pay his college expenses. Unfortunately, Preteen Nudity the fund he had
was heavily invested in the wrong stocks and was now essentially worthless.
His parents were in no financial shape to help him and he was determined not
to apply for any student loans. He needed the high tips a waiter job at
Tammerlane’s would generate to put himself through school and would do
`anything’ to get it. He further emphasized that by saying, `… and I mean
anything.’ The bad news was that he had absolutely no experience as a
waiter. The good news was, he was exactly the type I was looking for!So I scheduled an interview for him as well.Now, by the close of business on Monday, I had completed all of the physical
arrangements for the weekend. It was a pretty intense day, but one that
promised incredible rewards!Tuesday started off as any other day. I had an early breakfast meeting with
the restaurant managers and then continued through a pile of paperwork.
Before I knew it, my secretary buzzed me to let me know Preteen Nudity that my 3 o’clock
appointment was there. Ahh, yes, Bobby, the `special’ case. Since I was just
as eager as Bobby, I had him ushered into my office immediately.When Bobby entered, I was virtually speechless. Dressed in what was clearly
a brand new, off the bargain rack suit, Bobby was the classic wet dream.
Like the typical teenaged boy, he did not fit the suit properly.
Nonetheless, he was obviously trying very hard to appear confident and
business like.As he approached me with hand extended, I quickly surveyed his body. He was
a wonderful. In spite of his ill fitting suit I could tell he had a classic
teen build. Little or no fat… a flat chest and trim abs and thighs. All of
which was topped off with a sweet boyish, dimpled face and that mop of
reddish blond hair.We exchanged some pleasantries and then sat down in front of my desk.I had decided to get right to the point.”So Bobby, let’s not beat around the bush… I have read your file and as you
are no doubt aware, I have discovered that you have no experience as a
waiter.”Bobby’s face reddened as he looked down to the floor and mumbled
apologetically, “Yes sir I know, but I am a really fast learner… I really
need this job… and am willing do to anything to get it!”I laughed, looked him right in the eyes and commented, “Well Bobby, I have
no doubt about your need, but tell me more about the “anything” you are
willing to do!”Bobby looked me straight in the eye and declared, “When I say anything, I
mean just that. The only exception would be if you asked me to kill other
people… or steal from them, that I could not do!”I laughed again. “Wow Bobby, do you really understand what you just
said… I mean what if I was a wild pervert?”Bobby stared back at me and proudly declared, “It wouldn’t matter, I’d do
whatever you said to get this job!”I had no doubt that he meant what he said. I liked his confidence and of
course his body, so I decided to give him a chance.”Okay Bobby, tell you what I’m gonna do… I have three openings right now and
I have four applicants. The other three guys have a lot of waiter
experience, but I will Preteen Nudity give you a shot at one of the positions if you can
get through one 24 hour period of my training program.”Bobby did not hesitate at all, “That’s a deal sir! So what do I do next?”I smiled, “I like your attitude Bobby. I will need you for an initial 24
hours of training and testing. How soon would you be able to do that?”He thought for a moment and then said, “I could do it from Wednesday evening
to Thursday evening. Most of my classes are Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I have
one class on Thursday, but it’s a project type of class and you don’t have
to go every week.”"That will be fine Preteen Nudity Bobby. Be here at 6:00 pm tomorrow night. You won’t need
to bring anything special.”Bobby nodded. I stood up and extended my hand, Bobby jumped to his feet and
grabbed my hand. His grip was firm and confident. I held onto his hand
tightly looked him straight in the eye and inquired, “You do understand what
you have agreed to Bobby?”He returned my look, smiled and tightened his grip, Preteen Nudity
“Yes sir, I do. I will
do anything you say to get a shot at this job.”I nodded and released my grip. A quick glance down at Bobby’s groin gave me
all the confirmation I needed. He was clearly in a full state of arousal.
Obviously Bobby needed more than Preteen Nudity
just a job.I walked him to the door and sent him on his way.It was now 3:45. The other three applicants were due at 4:00. I went ahead
and arranged three chairs in front of my desk. This would be a group
interview, the type I really enjoy.Over the years I have learned a Preteen Nudity great deal about the psyche of college age
young men and most particularly, of guys who are very body proud and who
compete in the more aggressive sports.To begin with, they cannot resist a challenge. They are addicted to proving
their manhood through competition. Put a guy in a group of others like
himself, give him a challenge in front of the others and his ego takes over.
He feels an irresistible urge to complete the task, to prove to all around
him that he is tough and macho.One of my favorite challenge lines is to declare, “This will be a difficult
challenge. Only the best are able to make it through… and those are the ones
that get the best jobs.” Now, knowing that I have quite a few waiters at Preteen Nudity my
best restaurant it is no great leap of logic to see why these jocks would be
anxious to forge ahead. `If all those guys made it, I can too. I want to be
one of the best.”Using their ego’s and competitive drive is what starts the process. Then I
move in for the knockout punch.Within these well developed bodies there is another powerful force. It’s
called the male libido, that strong, sometimes overpowering need for sexual
release. After establishing a challenge situation, all you need to do is
introduce a hint of sexuality and the libido kicks in, in full force. And
it is usually like a runaway train. Straight or gay, it doesn’t matter, once
that ego/libido fueled train gets up to full speed it can’t be stopped.
Straight guys will give into the urges and engage in gay sex to obtain
release from those powerful forces. What’s more, most will even do it again
just to experience those feelings.The three boys arrived promptly at 4:00 and were ushered into my office.
After a brief round of introductions we all took seats.All three were dressed casually. Ronnie was the wrestler. Typical for the
sport he was in, Ronnie was short and compact. He wrestled in the 149 pound
weight class. He had close cropped back hair and heavy black eyebrows that
helped frame his beautifully chiseled face. There was clearly not an ounce
of fat on the lad.Kyle was a soccer player, about 5′ 11″ tall. He had that “well-conditioned”
look of a soccer player. He wore his dark brown hair long, with streaks of
blond frosting throughout. Though not as muscular as Ronnie, he was clearly
in great shape.Phil was also a soccer player and was just about as tall as Kyle. His hair
was golden blond and curly. He was not as defined as Kyle but was quite good
looking. A little on the skinny side and very “boyish” looking it was hard
to believe he was in college.I reached for their application folders and spread them out in front of me.
I looked the folders over, muttering `ah’, `hmmm’, and so on to myself
several times. I could tell that all three were getting nervous.Finally I looked up, “Well, I see you boys have a lot of experience as
waiters!”They responded in unison, “Yes sir.”"That’s good boys. And all three of you seem highly motivated to get a job
at one of my restaurants.”They responded with a `Yes, sir” and then Ronnie added, “Uh sir, I know all
three of us really want to work at Tammerlane’s… I mean we know all of your
restaurants are great, but Tammerlane’s is the best… and, well…”I laughed, “Yes, and let’s be honest and upfront boys, the tips are
outstanding there.”They admitted it and so I continued.”Well boys, we have a situation here. At the present time, I have three
openings at Tammerlane’s, but I have four applicants and probably more by
the end of the week. All applicants for the top positions must take part in
my, shall we say, unusual training and testing program. It is very
difficult and will test every part of you. If you make it through, you are
guaranteed a job at Tammerlane’s where only the best can work. If you can’t
cut it, you may still apply to work at one Preteen Nudity of my smaller places as a busboy,
dishwasher, or perhaps as a substitute waiter. But to get the best jobs you
will need to make it through the program.”I glanced at the three. There were some minor signs of nervousness, but it
was fairly obvious that their competitive egos were beginning to take
control. Their common sense was already receding.”Now I know all three of you have signed releases for the program already,
and that is good. I just need to make sure you understand what you would be
agreeing to. You will commit yourself to completing the testing program.
During it, you will be required to do anything you are told. The only
stipulation being that you will not be required to commit any crimes and you
will not be marked or maimed. Understand?”They glanced at each other, and followed with three distinct “Yes sirs.” As
they did I noted their bobbing adam’s apples, a clear sign of some fear, but
the rest of their bodies exuded the excitement of the challenge. They were
determined to get the jobs they wanted and to be part of “the best.”So now was the moment to light the other burner. I nodded and glared at
them, “And when I say `ANYTHING’, I mean absolutely ANYTHING!” I held my
menacing glare and watched as all three quivered for a brief moment, their
response came quickly, “Yes sir we understand and will do absolutely
anything.”I smiled and rose to my feet. The boys stood as well. As they did, it was
obvious that the libido flame was also growing rapidly, as evidenced by the
rising in there groins. Ronnie was in the lead though, sporting a monster
erection that was dang near impossible to hide. The three stood with their
hands covering their private areas. I took my time coming around my desk. I
extended my hand to each. As we shook hands, I was further amused by their
dilemma. One hand was not sufficient to cover their hardons.I told them to go home and to figure out some times when all three would be
available for a twenty four hour initial test. One of them was to call me
the next day to discuss possible times. We shook hands again and they left.
`Ahh, yes’ I thought, `No doubt the three will have some unusual dreams
tonight.’After leaving the office, I went to Tammerlane’s for dinner. I treated
myself to some special off the menu items. As I ate, Preteen Nudity I looked at my waiters
and let my imagination soar.By the time I got home, I was ready. I stripped off all my clothes and
began typing the instructions for the Phi Sig pledges. The waiter’s
training was nothing compared to what these guys would be facing on the
weekend.(To Preteen Nudity be continued)NOTE: The full physical/mental/sexual challenges kick into high gear in
Chapter 2, beginning with Bobby. If you have any suggestions for any of the
upcoming encounters send them to westwoodscottyhotmail.com. If I can work
them in I will.Feel free to suggest some devilish challenges for the pledges OR any of the
boys mentioned. LOL, like, “I would like to see Ronnie (or whoever) have to
do this, or have this done to him, etc.”
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